Class Outline

Creating Stems: Lessons With Yaahn Hunter Jr.
Learn how to create your own stems with instructor Yaahn Hunter Jr. Class available in January!
Module 1 Intro - (1:53 min)
Introduction to the Class
Unit 1 How To Take This Class
Unit 2 Introduction - (1:53 min)
Module 2 Laying the Foundation - (40:48 min)
In this section we will cover the basics of laying the foundation of the song so that we can build upon it. We will create our click track, lay down scratch keys, record drums and even create a rough mix as we go!
Unit 1 Part 1: Creating The Click Track - (5:56 min)
Unit 2 Part 2: Laying Down Scratch Keys - (8:23 min)
Unit 3 Part 3: Recording & Rough Mixing the Drums - (14:17 min)
Unit 4 Part 4: Laying Synth Bass and Building Keybass Patches - (12:12 min)
Module 3 Building Layers - (46:24 min)
Now that we've got our foundation built we are going to start building layers on top of it. We will add Organ, synths, and lay the final keys on top!
Unit 1 Part 1: Mic'ing and Recording Organ - (7:35 min)
Unit 2 Part 2: Recording Aux Instruments - (16:11 min)
Unit 3 Part 3: Laying Down The Final Piano Track - (5:51 min)
Unit 4 Part 4: Recording Aux Lead - (8:00 min)
Unit 5 Part 5: Recording Rhodes/Synths - (8:47 min)
Module 4 Mixing and Bouncing Down Files - (17:29)
Now that we've laid the foundation and built our layers, it's time to get into the mixing part of it. In this section we will do a quick rough mix and we will show you how to bounce down your files for live use!
Unit 1 Part 1: Mixing: Eq and Compression - (12:01 min)
Unit 2 Part 2: How to Bounce Files in Place - (5:28 min)