Learning Ableton Live:

Taught by John Mike

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Software Requirements: Ableton Live Lite or the Demo Version of Ableton

Course Description:

If you’ve heard people talking about this software, or you’ve bought it, or are thinking of investing in it to use for church or live performance then this is the class for you! We will be digging deep into the ins and outs of this software everything from beginner to advanced stuff! This course has over 10 hours of video training! Covering the wide range of topics such as:

  • Basic interface and getting around
  • Creating Click Tracks(DrumLoops) in Ableton
  • Creating Click Tracks(DrumLoops) From Loops
  • Recording using 3rd party VSTs
  • Recording your own stems in Session and Arrangement View
  • Setting Up Click Tracks and Loops in Session and Arrangement View
  • Setting Up Stems for Live Use
  • Quantization and Warping Basics
  • Using Control Surfaces
  • Using Apps to Control Ableton
  • Controlling Lyrics and Video with Ableton
  • Building a Master Template
  • Multi-Output Routing
  • And TONS More!

Along with the course you will also receive free Ableton templates as well!


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