My name is Kevn Elib. aka KJeih from Ksoundd (Music Company). As you may not know, I have a true passion for music. I spend many hours trying to create new and exciting sounds never heard before. I like thinking outside the box. Still till this day people can never figure me out, but they make huge efforts to attempt this. As a result, sometimes I’m hit with hateful darts. I never let that stop me, I just keep going and find strength to go even stronger.

Another thing about me is that I love helping people. This is how so many people are connected to me. My true desire is to show people positive outcomes thru out their journey thru the knowledge I gained over the years.

I also own a clothing company called ELI ELEVN. This is the artist expression of me. I am exposed to fashion design each and everyday thru my wife (Stefoni Collection Clothing Co.) and developed a love for art.